How Artificial Intelligence Brings About Changes In Education

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Artificial Intelligence or AI was seen to change the field of education in the near future. Bots may be used to do tasks that usually require large workforce. Artificial intelligence can check millions of standardized tests and make learning materials in just a short time. IT can assist human instructors in online courses.

Education experts supporting AI sees the following changes in the field of education, according to Venture Beat.

AI will be responsible for grading students' papers. Computers had been used in checking multiple types of tests. Educators taught that answers to open-ended types of tests should be checked only by humans. Today, AI can be taught how to grade students' responses to open ended questions. It can be more accurate than humans in evaluating students' answers.

AI will answer students' questions.  AI will play a vital role in online education. Students asking questions online can get accurate answers from an Artificial Intelligence. AI can act as a teacher assistant and answer students' queries. This will result to less number of teachers needed by schools offering online learning.

An analysis made regarding the market for Artificial Intelligence predicted that it will rise globally. Its potential to cut costs and improve learning will make educators and governments to embrace it, according to Technavio.

The cost of education will decrease with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Teaching students about things that machines can do is a waste of time. Instead, they should be taught creativity, leadership, planning, teamwork, caring and other skills that machines would never be able to do, according to Ed Week Market Brief.

Some people fear that they will lose their jobs to machines. This is wrong. Using AI will help them focus on things that humans should do for the general welfare of mankind such as preserving their environment, improving education and health.

In short, it will reduce costs of education. This will be a welcome change as education costs increase with the growing school population.

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