Alphabet Inc. Hints Revenue Rise Despite $802M Losses in Bets Biz, Q1 Report Says [VIDEO]

Apr 28, 2016 AM EDT In the financial results announced by Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, losses hiked to $802 million versus $633 million last year in first quarter of 2016 from Bets businesses.

Microsoft, Alphabet Disaapoints Nasdaq; Apple’s Report Eyed To Heat Up Cooling Tech Investors

Apr 28, 2016 AM EDT The technology-dominated Nasdaq has cooled following the surge of more than 16 percent off the mid-February stock market bottom.

'Google Nexus 5' Hack: Increase Your Smartphone’s Storage To 64GB [VIDEO]

Apr 26, 2016 AM EDT Google's Nexus 5 smartphone has been out for several years in the market. Here are some hacks you can do to optimize it.

Google’s $50 Million Initiative Aims To Attract More Girls to Take Up Computer Science Careers (VIDEO)

Jun 19, 2014 AM EDT In an attempt to attract more girls to the coding industry, Google launched a $50 million initiative "Made with Code" at Skylight Modern Thursday.

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