Swarovski Crystal Collaborates With Google And Qualcomm To Produce Hi-Tech Bling [Video]


Swarovski Crystal, makers of bejeweled things will soon collaborate with Google and Qualcomm to produce Android Wear Smartwatches.

Swarovski, together with Qualcomm unveiled a teaser during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 which signifies that the coming smartwatch will feature a Qualcomm processor. Though the smartwatch will be Swarovski's first, the company did collaborate for past smartwatches by Misfit and Huawei such as the Huawei Watch For Ladies. Swarovski also did a bejeweled strap for the Samsung Gear S model.

Swarovski's latest venture will primarily target women with their first smartwatch, as the company does with most of its products, Digital Trends reported. Qualcomm who has a processor line solely for wearables might pack the new Snapdragon 835 in the Swarovski watch or it would also be possible that a newer model of the Wear 2100 might be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

Notably, fashion labels have started to gravitate into the smartwatch sector such as Fossil, Diesel, and Armani, just to name a few. Considering Swarovski is a premium jewelry brand, it will no doubt command a premium for its own device, reports said.

The Qualcomm teaser during the CES 2017 did not show an image of the watch other than stating that the watch is meant "for her," according to Pocket-Lint. Accordingly, Swarovski said their smartwatch harnesses the power of the Swarovski heritage and combines the industry's latest innovations.

Specific details regarding price, availability and hardware have not been outlined for the Swarovski smartwatch as of yet. However, it is assured that it will be formally launched during the Baselworld 2017 beginning Mar. 23 this year.

Meanwhile, the impending release of Android 2.0 would be a major step up for Android Wear this year. The new operating system is anticipated to feature a major revamp in hopes that it will salvage the declining smartwatch market. Google, for its part, is also expected to release its own line of smartwatches alongside the release of Android 2.0.

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