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Nexus 6P Users Face Battery Shutdown Problem, Bootloop Issues; Issue Seen Related To Android 7.0 Nougat Update – Measures Tried By Consumers Not Working


Earlier, Apple Inc. has faced numerous complaints regarding its units' battery deficiency, resulting to seemingly sudden shutdowns event on users' iPhones 7, 6S, and 5S. The news comes after the users upgrade to the latest OS 10.1.1 update. Now, Google's Nexus unit has also been reported to experience the same battery shutdown problem, which is allegedly triggered by the Android Nougat update.

In November, a number of Nexus 6P owners have aired their complaints regarding a sudden battery shutdown, despite showing enough percentage of battery left on their devices. Some users said that their Nexus 6P devices turn off even with 10 to 60 percent battery remaining in its gauge.

Recent reports suggest that users started experiencing battery issues at the same time the Android 7.0 Nougat update was rolled out, which has not been proven until now.

According to NDTV, the battery fiasco on Nexus 6P smartphones has already been posted in Google's Issue Tracker, but marks a priority rating of "small" on the said website.

Google has also not yet issued any update to fix the problem since the issue emerged. Today, Nexus 6P users are continuing to complain regarding the issue to the search giant through threads and complaint forums.

Without any solution still released among Nexus 6P users, some consumers have tried direct measures to the problem, such as replacing the battery itself, which has not resolved it. Even downgrading the Android firmware into its earlier versions cannot solve the battery issue, although some users reported a sudden shutdown at levels lower than the case of the Android 7.0 Nougat.

In addition, Huawei did not claim any responsibility on the battery problem experience in Nexus 6P. The tech manufacturer stated that the issue lies with the Nougat update rather than a hardware problem, Post learned.

Another hint to how the battery problem exists can be associated with very cold climates, with one Reddit user citing his Nexus 6P shutdown story while ordering a ride via Uber on "a dark and freezing night."

As of today, users should take precaution on using their Nexus 6P units while no update is emerging from Google or Huawei.

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