Amazon Alexa CES 2017: Amazon To Launch Massive Home Invasion With Alexa As Ultimate Weapon


Amazon Alexa seems to be taking over the world at the CES 2017 event. The e-commerce and cloud computing giant continue to push its Amazon Alexa-strategy everywhere by announcing integrations tie-ups with major manufacturers, tech companies, including an Alexa device built by Lenovo.

Amazon Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017
At the 2017 CES event, Amazon has made clear that it wants to put Alexa everywhere. Amazon needs to work faster because rival Google is also on the hunt, embedding its Google Assistant in Hyundai cars. But Amazon is quickly closing the gap by forging pacts with various tech vendors.

According to The Verge, Amazon has announced Alexa integration tie-ups with manufacturers making portable speakers, refrigerators, washing machines, DVRs, ovens, vacuum cleaners, dryers, routers, TVs and even home security systems. These include companies like DISH, ADT, Linksys, Samsung, LG, GE and more. Amazon also signed a pact with Chinese manufacturer Tongfang Global, which owns brands such as Westinghouse Electronics, Element Electronics, and Seiki.

In addition to the various integration tie-ups, Amazon is also planning to launch a new range of 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs that will come complete with Alexa. The Alexa-powered 4K Ultra HD Smart TV will range in size from 43 to 65 inches and include a whopping 16 GB internal memory for apps, the Variety reported.

The Alexa-powered Smart TV will also feature a remote control that includes a dedicated microphone so users won't need to scream across a room to reach the Alexa-powered device.

Amazon is building the operating system for the home
It seems that Amazon's Alexa poised for home takeover with a slew of smart home integrations. But for some this is not just about ordinary tech integration, Amazon is going beyond. The company is building the operating system of the home and its name is Alexa. As what some IT experts said previously, Alexa makes a good OS because it has all of the qualities of an operating system.

Amazon Alexa is the heart and brain of Amazon smart speaker device Echo and most of its AI efforts. It serves as a central home automation hub from where to control several smart devices and other home automation systems.

Amazon may have the upper hand in the battle for the control of consumers' living room and smart home. The company has a huge start, which gives it a terrible lead in the next technological arms race, while rivals like Google and Microsoft are still figuring out what to do next

Finally, Alexa's easy-to-use framework, which allowed various smart devices to connect to Alexa and be controlled, has created the conditions for a moat, from which Amazon can build strong fortification that it can easily and effectively defend against incoming assaults from a bunch of hungry rivals.

Home appliances are a lot more expensive than software these days, which also means that everyone who buys something that works with the intelligent personal assistant is much less likely to go with Amazon.

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