Gender Diversity

STEM Majors Looking To Increase Female Diversity [VIDEO]

Apr 01, 2017 AM EDT Many professors and students believe that strong female role models are an instrumental part of decreasing the gender gap in engineering.

Kansas University: Where Gender Pronoun Buttons Are Available

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST “You Belong Here” are words written on a Kansas University gender pronoun button.

Oxford University Students Will Use Gender Neutral Pronouns [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 AM EST A gender neutral pronoun “Ze” will be used instead of “He” or “She.”

STEM Women Vs US President Donald Trump? Female Scientists Speak Out

Nov 21, 2016 AM EST Concerned female scientists had written an open letter regarding US 2017 President Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama on Girls' Challenges In Education: Hurdles In Opportunities

Oct 19, 2016 AM EDT During Michelle Obama’s live feed, Liberian girls discuss their hurdles to their education.

Michelle Obama 2016: First Lady Champions Education For Girls

Oct 12, 2016 AM EDT On ‘Day of the Girl’, Michelle Obama emphasizes education.

Gender Diversity: Education Counters Backlash In Inequality

Oct 11, 2016 AM EDT Look at gender diversity at work by using education to tackle the backlash.

Women In SpaceX, NASA, Space Industry Calls For Gender Diversity And Visibility For STEM

Oct 11, 2016 AM EDT The most powerful women in the space industry is calling for the need of gender diversity.

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