STEM Women Vs US President Donald Trump? Female Scientists Speak Out


The United States of America presidential elections may be over but the effect of the results are still trickling and rippling across the country.

In an effort to address concerns regarding women and their future, STEM women are banding together to speak out about the election results.

Many Americans are still trying to recover from the election results, and many are still described to be in despair. Some take to humor for relief, the internet is filled with memes and rants. While some choose to send a powerful message, cites Salon. Those who are affected are said to come from minority groups, women, immigrants and even the LBGTQIA community. But a recent issue concerning Donald Trump's alleged anti-science and anti-knowledge sentiment sparks outrage from the STEM community.

Which is why women scientists from the USA are supporting each other. According to the publication, it started out with twenty women. Over the weekend it has grown to a hundred and more are counting everyday.

In an open letter addressed to the women and from the women of the female STEM world, the content raises the issue on inequality and sexism which ignites anti-intellectualism. The letter reads that these and more negative factors threaten the progress of society.

They point at Trump's sentiments about attacking Science which is considered to be a pillar of democracy and progress. All the women in the group fear that scientific progress is going to suddenly stop because of discrimination.

To provide an example that women are more than just cooks in the kitchen and are contributors to the community, and to indicate that Science is essential to progress, these women presented scientific disciplines and ideas that brought success to society. Women ran for office and more women are interested in STEM because of these disciplines and ideas.

Now, the letter has over 500 signatures back in November 17, and continues to gain more every day. Read the full letter here.

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