Kansas University: Where Gender Pronoun Buttons Are Available

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In an effort to create gender safe grounds, Kansas University is handing out gender pronoun buttons to students.

This is Kansas University's effort to make a safe and secure place for individuals with different gender identities. This is one of the school's most visible steps when it comes to inclusivity.

The first step was through the library. Kansas University's library system launched a program called "You Belong Here." The buttons are a part of the library's marketing program.

Kansas University introduced gender pronoun buttons for interested students and university staff members, as reported by Teen Vogue. Each button is different depending on the gender identity. One button displays "he, him, his." Another displays "she, her, hers." A different button states "they, them, theirs." And with each button version, a statement at the bottom reveals "We Belong Here."

Aside from the buttons, the library has signs posted that explained the importance of using the correct gender pronoun. Misuse or incorrect use of a gender pronoun can lead to harm and may inadvertently cause misgendering.

The library's signs explains that everyone has a right to identify their own pronouns. In order to create a safe and secure environment, everyone is encouraged to ask the person their gender instead of assuming it.

This is not the first time a school is taking gender pronoun use seriously. Oxford University is using a different approach. According to the Oxford University's behavior code, using the wrong pronoun repeatedly to define a transgender individual is considered to be an offense. Which is why they created a gender neutral pronoun instead, called "Ze." It is another way to create a safer and secure environment for their transgender students.

The use of the gender neutral "Ze" in schools hope to encourage awareness about the transgender students in universities and colleges. Some transgender students do not necessarily identify themselves as male or female, the Huffington Post reported.

Find out why gender pronouns are important from this Northern Illinois University video below:

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