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Women In SpaceX, NASA, Space Industry Calls For Gender Diversity And Visibility For STEM


Gender diversity is a conversation buzzing around businesses and industries today. And the space industry is no exception. With the space industry growing wider, NASA, SpaceX and more are in need of diversity. Would this happen before they successfully land on Mars?

A new diversity initiative is timely and it comes with a sense of urgency. Diversity is needed, especially when the space industry needs unique perspectives to push for innovation and invention. How else can human kind venture into the solar system?

Which is why the International Astronautical Federation introduced a new diversity initiative, cites the Observer. This initiative was driven by some of the most powerful women in the space industry. They call it the "3-G" Diversity program. The 3 Gs are geographical, generational and gender diversity.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), only 28% of the world's scientists or science researchers are female. Female engineers only account for 23%.

Dava Newman, the deputy Administrator of NASA stresses the need to foster creativity through a diverse workforce. Newman goes on to explain that diversity drives excellence and "excellence demands that we have diversity." There is clearly a lack of gender diversity in STEM-related fields in the industry.

The talk centers around a starting point. They explain that when young girls see the possibility of opportunity for themselves as an astronaut, or a software designer, or an engineer, they are more likely to take an interest in a STEM centered career.

Diversity should be everywhere. For example, when you search for "engineer" in Google search, the results show men with hard hats on. "People need to see engineers who look like everyone in this room, and more," said Newman.

The speakers stress on the fact that there are successful women in science and engineering and they are not fully recognized in the mainstream media or social media.

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