Galaxy Note 7 recall

Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8: Samsung Battery Supplier Backs Out; 2017 Flagship Released Date Cancelled? [RUMORS]

Nov 28, 2016 AM EST Rumors about the released date cancellation of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 are going around the internet for the reason of backing out Samsung’s in-house battery supplier following the ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: Company Apologizes Using Full-Page Ads

Nov 09, 2016 AM EST Samsung takes out full-page ads to apologize for the explosive Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: U.S. Recall Holdouts Will Get Nag Screens; Limited Charging [Video]

Nov 07, 2016 AM EST Galaxy Note 7 holdouts in the U.S. will soon get an update ...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Pushed Back By 2 Weeks; Here's Why [VIDEO]

Oct 25, 2016 AM EDT Amidst the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung not only decided to kill the controversy plagued smartphone altogether, but the company also made some refunds or replaced their costumer's units with Galaxy ...

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Edge Leaks: Huge-RAM Flagship to Conserve Battery and Adopt Galaxy Note 7 Technology, Again? [VIDEO]

Oct 24, 2016 AM EDT Samsung is expected to make the wrong things right with the upcoming Galaxy S8. After investigating the rumors and leaks, here's what we know so far!

Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Samsung’s 2016 Flagship Faces Its Death; Google Pixel Phones, LGV20 are Best Android Alternatives [VIDEO]

Oct 12, 2016 PM EDT Galaxy Note 7 has faced its death when Samsung decided to stop the production of the most controversial smartphone of 2016. For this reason, Google Pixel Phones and LGV20 appear to be the best ...

Galaxy S8: Samsung's First-Ever Dual-Screen Phone with Smart Glow; Battery Fixed; Only Months to Go before Release Date [RUMOR]

Sep 26, 2016 AM EDT Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S8 soon. The tech giant could make the wrongs, right - by making everything better.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaked Codenames, Special Features Go Viral - Flagship to Tackle Issues in Note 7; Come Sooner than Expected?

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT Samsung Galaxy S8 is not expected to be launched soon but rumors suggest the other way. Here's why!

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