Samsung Galaxy Note 7: U.S. Recall Holdouts Will Get Nag Screens; Limited Charging [Video]


Galaxy Note 7 holdouts in the U.S. will soon get an update that will limit the charging capacity of their smartphones to only 60 percent and will receive screen warnings every time they use their phones.

Samsung announced 85 percent of Galaxy Note 7 sold in the U.S. have been returned or exchanged for another phone by their owners, most chose a different Samsung phone model. The company will release the software update within the next 60 days to discourage holdouts from using their devices, according to Recode.

Not only will Galaxy Note 7 holdouts get limited power for their devices but also will get pop-up notifications on their phone display every time they charge, power up, or simply wake their screens. The move, Samsung said, is their attempt in collecting the remaining Galaxy Note 7's still floating in the market. Samsung has made similar actions elsewhere to prevent any more untoward incidents from occurring.

Samsung hopes that by limiting power and getting nag screens every time owners use their device, might make the 15 percent remaining holdouts U.S. annoyed enough to voluntarily surrender their Galaxy Note 7's and avail of Samsung's exchange program, ZDNet reported.

In an earlier report, Samsung New Zealand announced that beginning Nov. 18, Galaxy Note 7 owners will no longer be able to connect to cell towers to make calls, send texts, or use data services. Samsung collaborated with New Zealand carriers to effectively cut off access of the Note 7 to wireless networks. They also encourage customers to turn in their devices for a refund or replacement on Nov. 4 to Nov. 18. Click here for the report.

The twice-recalled Galaxy Note 7 sent Samsung's operating profit crashing up to 95 percent and will cost the company more than $5 billion over the next few quarters. Lately, Samsung also recalled 2.8 million units of its top-loading washing machines due to safety and injury risks.

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