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Galaxy Note 7 Investigation: Explosion Explained; Samsung to Shed Some Light on The Biggest Tech Fail


The Galaxy Note 7 recall has been a phenomenal event in 2016 and Samsung will finally announce why and how the supposedly best smartphone could explode.

Samsung will announce the root cause of Galaxy Note 7 explosion

South Korean newspaper, Joong Ang Ilbo, reported that Samsung will release a statement on Galaxy Note 7 investigation at a later date this month. According to Android Central, Samsung will share some answers to the public and explain what happened with the phablet.

Consumers have expected the result of this explosion investigation by the end of December but apparently there is no official word from the company to shed some light on the matter.

It's been reported that Samsung has partnered with US-based UL to investigate the root cause of explosion on the Note 7. Previously, the Korea Testing Laboratory has conducted an investigation on Galaxy Note 7 by looking through five damaged units sent to the state-run-lab, Sammobile has learned.

Another report has claimed that both, Samsung and the government have drawn a conclusion that the Note 7 fiasco wasn't just a battery problem. Korea Herald wrote that Samsung could be releasing the statement on Jan. 10.

Galaxy Note 7 Explosion and Recall

Back in August, the South Korean giant launched Galaxy Note 7 in a press event and it quickly became a global attention. However, the dream turned to disaster when a few handsets were caught on fire while being charged.

Samsung claimed that the issue was caused by battery malfunction and it only affected a number of devices. Explosion after explosion has forced the company to discontinue Galaxy Note 7 permanently and offer replacements. Galaxy Note 7 was even banned on flights - fearing of risking the safety of passengers, USA Today reported.

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