THC Vapes Dangerous, FDA says

Oct 07, 2019 AM EDT FDA warns the public in the use of THC vapes and all vaping products sold off the street, as deaths due to lung injury increases.

Johns Hopkins University Tests New Drug For Huntington's Disease [Video]

Apr 10, 2017 AM EDT Johns Hopkins University experts believe that their discovery may lead to the cure of Huntington’s disease.

Medical Breakthrough: FDA Finally Approves Drugs For Parkinson's Disease

Mar 22, 2017 PM EDT According to the National Institutes of Health, around 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease each year and around 1 million are suffering from it.

Opioid Substitute Is Snail Venom For Pain Relief

Feb 24, 2017 PM EST The opioid epidemic still continues and scientists are looking at snail venom as an alternative.

FDA Warns Public About Danger Of Homeopathic Teething Remedies, Provide List Of Products To Be Avoided

Oct 04, 2016 AM EDT FDA warned the public about homeopathic teething. Find out why.

Antibacterial Soaps Ban: FDA Bans Antibacterial Soaps With Triclosan and 18 Other Chemicals Due to Risks Outweigh Benefits[VIDEO]

Sep 05, 2016 PM EDT FDA bans antibacterial soaps that contain Triclosan. Read the full report.

New York University Puts A Lid On Drug Study For Post-Traumatic Stress Citing Falsified Records!

Jul 04, 2016 AM EDT New York University's medical school has put the lid on psychiatric studies encompassing an empirical mind-altering drug citing protocol violations, officials said.

Gay Blood Donation: How The FDA Can Totally Eliminate The Ban

Jun 16, 2016 AM EDT In the wake of the Orlando shootings which claimed the lives of 49 people and injured scores more, several members of the LGBT complained about not being to help out because of the FDA’s ...

Cholesterol lowering drug approved by FDA

Aug 29, 2015 AM EDT The U.S Food and Drug Administration has granted approval to Repatha, (evolocumab), the second drug in a potent class, PCSK9 inhibitors, approved to treat high cholesterol.

FDA-Approved Drug Restores Hair in Patients with Alopecia Areata, Study

Aug 19, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) found that an FDA-approved drug had the ability to restore hair growth in patients of alopecia areata, a common autoimmune disease that ...

Have We Found a Solution To Migraine? FDA Approves Device to Relieve Headaches

Dec 16, 2013 AM EST Migraine headache sufferers can heave a sigh of relief at least for now with the approval of Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) device by the FDA.

No Colored Contact Lenses without Prescription This Halloween, Says FDA

Oct 28, 2013 AM EDT Wearing colourful and spooky lenses during Halloween is quite common. The decorative contact lenses enhance the ghostly look apart from sporting weird costumes and other accessories.

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