Antibacterial Soaps Ban: FDA Bans Antibacterial Soaps With Triclosan and 18 Other Chemicals Due to Risks Outweigh Benefits[VIDEO]


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially banned the sale of antibacterial soaps that contain Triclosan and other chemicals. According to the recent reports, due to the health risks and outweigh risks benefits , FDA decided to ban products containing Triclosan.

On Friday, Sept. 2, FDA took action against manufacturers selling soaps containing certain antibacterial chemicals. According to the agency, they failed to prove that the products are safe to use and more effective.

Companies will no longer sell antibacterial wash products with any of 19 specific active ingredients to the market because the manufacturers did not demonstrate the safety of long-term-daily use of the products, and did not even show the effectiveness of their products versus plain soaps, Good News Network reported.

About 40% of soaps, including liquid hand soaps and bar soaps, have been reported to contain chemicals such as Triclosan. Triclosan is a chemical usually used in liquid soap, while triclocarban is used for making bar soaps.

FDA's rule is only applied to consumers hand wash soaps and bar soaps, New York Times reported. There are products that still contain the chemicals, like Colgate Total, however, its maker has proven that its benefits are effective in reducing plaques and gum disease.

Public experts approved the rule. As a matter of fact, they pushed the agency to regulate antimicrobial chemicals.

"It has boggled my mind why we were clinging to these compounds, and now that they are gone I feel liberated," Rolf Halden, a scientist at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, said.

The rule that bans antibacterial soaps containing chemicals was proposed in 2013. The products will only not be banned if the manufacturers could prove that chemicals in their products do more good than harm. If they failed to demonstrate and prove that their products are safe, the products are banned from being sold in the market.

FDA gave the manufacturers some time to prove the effectiveness of their products. The products contain benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride and chloroxylenol can stay in the market.

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