THC Vapes Dangerous, FDA says



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Consumers must stay away from vaping products that contain THC, Food and Drug Administration of the US released a warning. They added that people should keep from buying vaporizers and other vaping materials from off the street, as they could pose real threats to their overall health. 

As of today, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified more than 1,000 cases of lung injuries related to vaping. A total of 18 deaths have been reported across 15 states. Three quarters of the patients are males and 80% of them have been under 35. However, those who died fall under the age range of 20 to 70, most of them women. Because the information collected remains limited, the CDC has yet to draw a conclusion about the nature of the lung injuries as well as identify who are mostly at risk. The cause of the injuries is still a mystery, though officials have identified an oil-based additive as the culprit. 

Investigators come with a more definitive information identifying THC-containing products to be the cause of deaths. Almost 80% of those who died confessed to using vaping devices containing THC. Only 17% said they've been using the ones with nicotine content. Amidst all the deaths and controversy involving vapes, the FDA advises the public not to return to smoking tobacco cigarettes if they decide to quit vaping. They suggest that the public try healthier alternatives like engaging in sports or maybe starting a new hobby.

Vaping was first introduced in the market as a form of "healthier" alternative to tobacco smoking. Those who wanted to quit smoking cigarettes saw it as an opportunity to finally move on. However, in recent months, the vaping industry found themselves in hot water for the mysterious lung injuries and diseases that have been associated with the use of vapes. Since then, the sales of vaping companies and its auxiliaries have been greatly affected.

Juul, a nicotine-containing vaping brand has been put under scrutiny when the lung injuries were reported in August of this year. The Juul products were primarily popular among those who have not tried tobacco smoking and among young adults.The investigations have led numerous states to declare a ban on the use of flavored e-cigarettes. The company may be facing a permanent federal ban after President Trump called on the FDA to institute a nationwide ban. 

Multiple television networks have also denied access to television airtime for Juul. In fact, the company is not just in the midst of an image crisis, but they are under criminal investigation in California. The news about the deaths and the growing number of those suffering from this mysterious lung injuries have threatened to permanently damage the image of the company in the eyes of their target consumers. 

The investigation on the cause of deaths related to vaping continues. The FDA warns the public to quit vaping now. For those who have shifted to vaping from tobacco cigarette smoking, the FDA suggests that they simply stop smoking altogether -- both cigarette and e-cigarette. It's the only way they can save themselves from suffering from lung diseases. 

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