Top Spring Break Destinations In Europe That Don't Cost Much

Mar 13, 2017 AM EDT Check out these European spring break destinations that won't break the bank.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Finally Out in Europe

Jan 15, 2017 PM EST Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, which has been exclusive in Asia, has finally rolled out in Europe. The international version of the mobile device, which has already been out in India March 2016, has finally ...

Tuition Free Colleges And Universities In Europe And The Things You Should Know

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST A tuition-free European college or university is different from that of a United States institution.

Samsung Beefs Up Shipment Goals For Galaxy A and J Series; Phones To See Europe , South America, India

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST Samsung tech giant is determined and confident of its Galaxy A and J series devices that it beefed up its shipment goals. ...

Supervolcano Near Naples Appears To Be Nearing Eruption

Dec 27, 2016 AM EST A supervolcano near Naples seems to be nearing its critical pressure point.

PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale In Europe Revealed [VIDEO]

Nov 26, 2016 AM EST The PlayStation Store Europe Black Friday 2016 sale was recently revealed. PlayStation 4 console bundles with Black Friday discounts were also revealed.

‘Persona 5’ Gets Dual Audio Feature For Western Audiences; Two More Characters Introduced [VIDEO]

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST "Persona 5" will get a dual audio feature when it launches in the West. Atlus also introduced two more characters of the video game.

‘7th Dragon III Code: VFD’ Launches In Europe, PAL Regions; Additional DLCs To Be Released After Launch [VIDEO]

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST Deep Silver revealed that "7th Dragon III Code: VFD" will be launched in Europe and all PAL regions. All of the additional DLCs will be released after the video game's launch.

Making Travel Plans, Students? Here are 20 Places to Visit in Your 20s

Oct 28, 2016 AM EDT Sure there are financial challenges, travel while you’re young and take advantage of school breaks. Plan that next trip now!

More than 10,000 Suicides across Europe, North America Occurred During Recession, Study

Jun 12, 2014 AM EDT Financial crisis between 2008 and 2010 triggered over 10,000 suicides across Europe and North America, according to an Oxford University study.

Jackdaws Use Bright Eyes to Protect Nests and Ward off Enemies, Study

Feb 06, 2014 AM EST Jackdaws, predominantly found in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia, use their bright white eyes to keep their rivals at bay and to discourage them from coming near their nests.

Europe to Face Food Calamity Due To Rapid Loss of Bee Colonies, Study

Jan 13, 2014 AM EST Europe will soon face food shortages due to the rapid reduction in bee colonies.

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