Making Travel Plans, Students? Here are 20 Places to Visit in Your 20s


The year's almost done and if you want to do something different for the holidays, a getaway would be nice. Just keep in mind of traffic and travel rush to your destination. Maybe, you may want to make 2017 your travel year. Either way, here are some great destinations that's not that popular but just as wonderful.

National Park

If you are not aware of it yet, Apple's OS X Yosemite was named after the national park in California and it's successors El Capitan and Sierra are named after landmarks in the park. Don't confine yourself with Yosemite alone, there are 58 national parks in the U.S. under the National Park Service. It's a great experience for your travellers to get close to nature and with parking space for pitching a tent or parking a trailer, you also get to save on lodging. Another plus, picturesque sceneries that are always Instagram-ready. USA Today listed some of their readers' picks for kids, wildlife, landmarks and others. If you're feeling like crossing the border, Canada's national parks have free admissions for 2017 in celebration of the country's 150th year.

Prague, Czech Republic

With highly strict construction policies, Prague was able to preserve the old charm of the city. The great beer and energy in the city center makes it a great destination for backpackers.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Located 300 miles south of Mexico, Oaxaca is a great destination for those looking for a gastronomical adventure. Then take a quick flight or a bus ride to get to the coast for some swimming and other water attractions.


Another place most people are curious about. Cuba was Travel+Leisure's Destination of the year for 2015. It's now easier to go to and well, you might want to enjoy the energy and scenery before it changes. Lifting of embargoes will definitely have an impact on the country.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

With its rich Dutch influence, plenty of English speakers, cheap transportation (mostly rented bikes) and many hotels to choose from, this culturally rich and diverse city is one backpacker-friendly place.

Patagonia, Argentina

A train or plane ride away from Buenos Aires, Patagonia is one great getaway that offers plenty of natural attraction including scenic lakes, great glaciers and awesome skiing.

New Orleans, USA

If you want that overseas feel but do not want to go too far because of time, budget or whatever constraints, New Orleans is one place that offers just that right in the continental United States. It offers good food, some drinks and great music, especially in April for the Jazz Fest.

Berlin, Germany

If you're looking for a taste of modern Europe with some character and history, then Berlin is one place you should visit. It is affordable, friendly and vibrant - a destination for the young crowd. Berlin has plenty of English speakers and a great place to begin if you want to get around Europe with plenty of available transportation. Beer lovers in particular will find this city a paradise.

Montreal, Canada

Another city that will offer you a taste of Europe in North America is Montreal. It offers great food and great outdoors especially during summertime. If you plan to stay longer, consider exploring Quebec. It looks great all year long.


This trip might take a stretch of miles but it will also definitely stretch your budget. This is an ideal trip for a long break from school or vacation from work. Vietnam offers a rich cultural experience, natural beauty and an awesome cuisine.

Budapest, Hungary

Another visually appealing European city that has charm, history and youthful energy is Budapest. The city is famous for its public bathhouses and architectural buildings and museums. Perfect for a laid back and relaxing trip and taking a break.

New Zealand

The trip might require you to stretch your budget again but this is one trip that's worth it. The majestic sceneries can be enjoyed with reasonably priced tours. There's available transportation that allows you to get around the islands. The iconic natural beauty of New Zealand has been captured in a number of films including the mystic The Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai and Vertical Limit.


While getting there and getting around might not be as cheap and convenient as it used to before the economy collapsed, Iceland offers a number of natural wonders that one shouldn't miss. Named as one of CNN's Emerging Destinations of 2016, Iceland offers a number of natural attractions including the Blue Lagoon, the Northern LIghts, the Geysir, Gullfoss and the Golden Circle are all waiting to be explored by everyone young and old.

Barcelona, Spain

This Spanish city offers dining options, an active nightlife, great beaches and iconic architecture, one of the most famous is Gaudi's 134 year old unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia Church.

California Coast, USA

You've seen movies, videos and television shows inspired by the gorgeous Golden Coast of the Pacific and probably heard that Katy Perry song from a few years back. These things makes it an inviting adventure for young people. Take the long road trip and save by campling along the way, it's a great way to bond with family and friends and make Instagram-worthy memories.


A definite travel bucket list item to cross off, this exquisite country appeals to young travellers in search of adventure. The extensive transport system that allows you to explore its valleys and palm groves as well as its coast. Whether you're travelling by yourself or with a company of friends, this is one place you shouldn't miss.

Costa Rica

Accessible from the U.S. with reasonable prices flights, Costa Rica appeals to young travellers because of its rich wildlife, its beautiful coasts, and creative ways to get around for adventure-seekers.

Cyclades, Greece

We're pretty familiar with the ancient ruins in Athens and the lovely sunsets of Santorini but there's a quiet getaway that remains largely unexplored: the Cyclades Islands. Located in the northern part of Greece, the islands of Naxos and Folegandros offer a more laid back vacation.

Lisbon, Portugal

Another European city that has classic charm and appeal, the right mix of ancient and modern is the capital city of Portugal. Castles and a storybook village can fill your senses and take you back into medieval times.

Croatian Coast

While this side of the Adriatic has gotten modern and fancier over the years, Croatia still offers the right mix of great food and wine, great views and beautiful natural spots and a welcoming crowd that young travellers are sure to enjoy, and some even makes it their home.

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