‘Persona 5’ Latest Confidants’ Special Talents Detailed In New Character Videos


Atlus "Persona 5" is nearing its release date and game details continue to surface to stoke fans' excitement. The developer recently revealed four more characters or confidants to be featured in the game.

Shinya Oda is one of the new confidants. An excellent shooter of firearms, Shinya is a grandmaster at "Gun About" and can teach skills to the Phantom Thieves to boost their chances in winning battles.

Under the character's tutelage, players will learn how to infiltrate a gun-based All-out Attack after attaching Bullet Hail by surprise. Shinya can also tease Phantom Thieves how to intimidate enemies using Warning Shot. Watch Shinya's character video here.

Another new confidant is Chihaya Mifune, a fortune teller in Shinjuku who can predict the protagonist's future using tarot cards. Chihaya can advise players on the best buffs to use to escalate a social stat's growth rate. She can also help strengthen a player's connection with a particular confidant. Watch Chihaya's character video here.

Ichiko Ohya, a persistent journalist usually hanging out at the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku, is the go-to person when it comes to interesting and juicy info about the Phantom Thieves. It's best for players to get on Ichiko's good side so can write good publicity about them, which is extremely helpful in the game. Get to know Ichiko more by watching this video.

And lastly, the social media expert Yuuki Mishima. He will discover the protagonist's alter ego and armed with this knowledge, will join the Phantom Thieves and create their Aficionado Website a.k.a. Phan Site. Watch Yuuki's character video here.

Yuuki's social media expertise makes him the perfect person to manage fan hype. He can also help improve the Thieves and their backup members' buffs so they can score more EXP in battles. Other "Persona 5" confidants recently introduced by Atlus are Tae Takemi, Sadayo Kawakami, Munehisa Iwa, Toranosuke Yoshida, Sojiro Sakura and Hifumi Togo.

In other news, local Tokyo residents are mad at the game's fans because of their inappropriate behavior at real locations in Sangenjaya that the game's fictionalized version (Yongenjaya) was based on. Residents complained about fans leaving garbage, damaging property and trespassing so they can take photos. Atlus already asked fans to quit their actions, though.

"Persona 5" will roll out in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe on April 4, according to Gematsu. The game is now available in Japan. What do you think of the new confidants? Which one do you like best? Share your thoughts below!

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