'The Last of Us 2' News & Update: Release Date Might Come In 2017 Or Early 2018 As PS4 Exclusive Title

Jan 04, 2017 AM EST Naughty Dog's action-adventure survival game "The Last of Us 2" might finally get its release date as Naughty Dog released the first trailer. Unfortunately, Naught Dog hasn't provided much information ...

‘The Last Of Us 2’ Rumor, Theory: Reason For Ellie’s Hate Due To Joel’s Death?

Dec 06, 2016 AM EST The "Last of Us 2" will feature Ellie as a playable character but the developers did not mentioned what role Joel is going to assume in the sequel. there are some speculations that the male ...

‘The Last Of Us 2': Ellie Is The Main Character; Speculation About Joel Surfaces [Video]

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST Avid gamers of "The Last of Us" are frantic upon hearing that their favorite game is coming back with the title "The Last of Us 2," as announced in the 2016 PlayStation Experience held last Dec. 3 and ...

'The Last of Us 2' News, Release Date & Update: 'Uncharted 4' Confirms Game; 'TLU2' To Focus on Ellie Storyline? [RUMORS]

May 19, 2016 AM EDT Eager fans that have played both "Uncharted 4" and "The Last of Us" have a reason to believe that "The Last of Us 2" is in development and official announcements could be made soon.

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