'The Last of Us 2' News, Release Date & Update: 'Uncharted 4' Confirms Game; 'TLU2' To Focus on Ellie Storyline? [RUMORS]


Players who have played "Uncharted 4" believe that they found an Easter egg in the Epilogue of the game that pertains to the coming of the sequel of "The Last of Us"The Easter egg in "Uncharted 4" comes in the form of a poster found at the epilogue. It looks like "The Last of Us 2" has a new title as well.

"The Last of Us 2" Easter Egg Entitled American Daughters

The hidden Easter egg was found in the epilogue of the last installment of "Uncharted." The poster entitled "The Last of US: American Daughters" has a drawing of a pregnant woman with a gas mask carrying a revolver, MNR Daily reported. According to many speculations, the pregnant lady could be Ellie or Ellie's mom.

"The Last of Us 2" To Feature Ellie's Mother or Ellie as an Adult?

Since the pregnant woman depicted in the poster in the "Uncharted 4" Easter egg is masked, there is a possibility that it could be a grown up Ellie or Ellie's mother. However, some players say that the woman could not be Ellie because she is immune to the infection, Game N Guide shared. The title "American Daughters" also provides a clue that the "The Last of Us 2" plot could revolve around the child of the pregnant lady.

"Uncharted 4" Easter Egg Might Be a Dud

A few years back, game developer Naughty Dog released a comic book series based on "The Last of Us" called "The Last of Us: American Dreams." The short comics released during 2013 were drawn by Neil Druckman and is based off of the video game. There is a possibility as well that the poster is just a teaser or a hint. "The Last of Us 2" might not be named "American Daughters" but a different one altogether as there is no word from Naughty Dog yet.

What do you think the title of the sequel "The Last of Us 2" is and will Joel be in it? Are you excited for an Ellie-centric storyline? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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