‘The Last Of Us 2': Ellie Is The Main Character; Speculation About Joel Surfaces [Video]


Avid gamers of "The Last of Us" are frantic upon hearing that their favorite game is coming back with the title "The Last of Us 2," as announced in the 2016 PlayStation Experience held last Dec. 3 and 4. What's making them more excited is the fact that Ellie is the main character in the second sequel who is now 19 years old.

The trailer was revealed during the official announcement of "The Last of Us 2"at the PSX where Ellie was seen playing her guitar singing a folk song. With a heart filled with hatred, she vowed to find and kill every one last of them, though is not yet clear who she is referring to. Players are excited to play the older and tougher character of Ellie in the upcoming "The Last of Us 2."

Although the main story of the second sequel of "The Last of Us" is yet revealed, there are now speculations that the goal of the game may be about finding the cure for the virus and Ellie might be the answer, CinemaBlend reported. Those who had loved Ellie in "The Last of Us" will now have the chance to show their fighting skills to save the precious life of Ellie.

Players of "The Last of Us" are also thrilled to see Joel back in "The Last of Us 2," after all, Joel and Ellie are the reason why people loved the game and has even considered by many as the best game. However, people are wondering why is Joel not being targeted which is making others are speculating that he may have been a ghost and that Ellie is just hallucinating.

Director Neil Druckmann of "The Last of Us 2" also revealed that the theme will be about hate. Based on the statement of Ellie in the trailer, she wants to seek revenge, but why and for whom? Well, just trust the developer on this because they surely know how to make the story more exciting. As the game's director said, put some faith in them and trust that they are going to do what is right for "The Last of Us 2."

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