NASA Warns Of Two Massive Space Objects Coming Toward Earth Soon

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST These giant space objects will be visible on Earth within this month or in February.

No White Christmas? Temperature Predicted To Rise For The Weekend

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Christmas may be a little warmer this year.

NASA Releases Video Of How CO2 Affects The Earth's Atmosphere

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST NASA has released a video showing how carbon dioxide spreads on the Earth's atmosphere.

Scientists May Have Found Solution To Ozone Layer Damage

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST Scientists from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) are believed to have found a solution to fix the ozone layer damage.

NASA Scientist Warns Of Earth's Unpreparedness For Massive Asteroid Encounter

Dec 14, 2016 AM EST A scientist from NASA has warned that human beings are totally unprepared for an encounter with a massive asteroid.

House Science Committee Tweets 'Extremely Misleading' Article About Climate-Change

Dec 03, 2016 AM EST The House Science Committee is facing backlash for its post on Twitter about a misleading and unscientific article that denied climate-change.

SEISConn: Yale University's Seismology Research To See What is Beneath Connecticut [VIDEO]

Jul 07, 2016 AM EDT Yale University researchers are learning the tectonic history of America by looking through the earth beneath Connecticut.

Mars-Earth Closest Approach In 10 Years Recorded; When Will The Red Planet Get Closer Again?

Jun 01, 2016 PM EDT Looks like a good news for those who missed the Red Planet's closest approach towards Earth in 11 years as the next Mars close approach is expected to happen soon.

Habitable Planet: Experts Reveal Earth-Like Planet Kepler-62f May Sustain Life; Proof Found In Climate, Orbit Models [VIDEO]

Jun 01, 2016 AM EDT Experts reveal that Earth-like planet Kepler-62f’s climate and orbit models indicates that it may be able to sustain life like the planet Earth. Check the recent findings about the habitable planet ...

Queensland Researchers Debunk “Mega-Lake” Theory of Antarctica

Jul 22, 2014 AM EDT University of Queensland researchers have debunked the “mega-lake” theory of Antarctica.

Researchers Find Closest Earth-Like Planet Yet

Jun 30, 2014 AM EDT University of New South Wales researchers have discovered a potentially habitable Earth-like planet that is only 16 light years away.

Researchers Discover Hidden Ocean Trapped Deep Inside Earth’s Mantle

Jun 14, 2014 AM EDT Researchers from the Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico discovered evidence of a hidden, ocean deep in the Earth's mantle, 400 miles beneath North America.

Earth’s First Mass Extinction Caused by Volcanic Eruptions in Australia, Study

Jun 04, 2014 AM EDT An ancient volcanic eruption in Australia, some 510 million years ago, led to the world's first mass extinction, according to a study at the Curtin University.

Methane-Producing Bacteria Could Survive on Mars, Study

May 21, 2014 AM EDT Methanogens, the oldest organisms on Earth, could be the ideal candidate for Martian life, according to a University of Arkansas Fayetteville study. They have been found to survive harsh conditions on ...

Earth’s Crust under Antarctica is Moving Faster than Previously Believed, Study

May 13, 2014 AM EDT The upward motion of the Earth's crust in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula was studied by researchers at the Newcastle University who stated that it is moving faster than previously believed.

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