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Dec 29, 2016 08:00 AM EST

Alien News: Scientists To Start Communicating With Aliens In 2018


Year after year, scientists are trying find ways to contact aliens other planets but to no avail. However, recent events where scientists pick up space signals from yet unknown source are making them more eager to try to communicate with aliens they aren't still sure what will happen next.

There are some scientists who are in doubt about the planned communication with aliens as it might put humankind in danger. Experts from the Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence will be sending signals in Proxima B starting in 2018. So why Proxima B among all planets discovered to be habitable?

It is believed that the Proxima B which is another exoplanet, meaning a habitable planet, where aliens could possibly exist. There had been instances where scientists tried to get in touch with the aliens but wasn't consistent and so they decided to do it consistently this time, it may just be costly to keep the signal up and running, The Sun reported.

Another reason why scientists are so eager to get in contact with the aliens are the recent incidents where they were able to pick up space signals which was repetitively detected in the same location, the FRB121102. The incident started the speculation that aliens may have been trying to contact the Earth although, there are also some factors that may have caused the signal. The signals may have come from the aliens or from the flares from a neutron star.

So, to cut the speculations, experts from the METI will be sending laser signals to the location where the signals were detected with hope that they will be able to get a response and hoping for harmonious alliance with them.

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