No White Christmas? Temperature Predicted To Rise For The Weekend

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Christmas may be a little warmer this year. This comes after last year's temperature broke records as the warmest in history.

ABC News reported that the nation is expected to experience mild temperatures as the holiday weekend comes. Just days after a cold blast was felt on majority of the U.S., with some points having as low as -20 degrees, a milder air mass is predicted to bring in the highest temperatures for the month starting Wednesday.

High temperatures are expected in Minneapolis and may rise above the freezing mark for the first time since Dec. 6. The freezing mark is also predicted to move to the Canadian border for the East and Midwest.

During Christmas weekend, the Midwest to the Northeast will be experiencing above normal high temperatures. The South is expected to experience "warm and pleasant weather." Temperatures are said to be 10 to 15 degrees above normal across the board.

According to ABC 7's My Suncoast, this is expected to be a warm Christmas for people in the northeast, mid-Atlantic, deep south and even in the plains. The temperatures could also be warm enough to break records or tie with the previous years'.

It was previously reported that climate change is having a negative impact on one of the beloved Christmas icons - reindeers. They are continuing to decrease in size because of climate change. Global warming has hurt the Christmas icons' food access, researchers said.

Data from ecologists reveal that adult reindeers have shrunk by about 12 percent over the years. Since 1994, scientists have gone to the Arctic to keep track of the reindeers' measurements.
In 2010, it was noted that these animals were about 106 pounds. This is a problematic trend since reindeers weighed 121 pounds during the first measurement. Scientists believe that the reindeers' shrinking is due to global warming, which ruins their food and their environment.

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