Purdue University Acquires Kaplan University To Expand Access To Higher Education [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 PM EDT This is part of the school's efforts to reach the thousands of Americans who have not earned their college degrees.

College In South Dakota Secures More Promising Jobs For Its Graduates Compared To Others

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT A degree in Lake Area Tech in South Dakota seems to be more valuable than a degree from other four year schools in the country, because of the college's high placement rate after graduation.

Millennial Matters: Why Having A Degree Can Sometimes Be A Setback Today

Mar 13, 2017 AM EDT A degree may become a liability instead of an asset today.

Northern College Partners With Other Canadian Colleges For Collaborative Online Education

Feb 14, 2017 AM EST Northern College will be offering a Bachelor of Computer Science bridging program.

Lack of College Degree Increases Risk of Heart Attack , Study Finds

Feb 08, 2017 AM EST Studies suggest that people who did not earn a college degree have a higher likelihood to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

Why Earning Half a College Degree is Better than Nothing

Jan 26, 2017 AM EST Here's why some college is better than nothing at all.

Oxford University To Face Trial After Graduate Fails To Get First-Class Degree

Jan 24, 2017 AM EST Oxford University is being sued by a former student because he failed to have a first-class degree.

Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get Without Earning a Degree

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST Here are some of the highest paying jobs you can do which do not require a college degree.

Benefits of Going to College and Earning a Degree

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST Here are just a few of the many important reasons why earning a college degree is worth your time, effort, and cost.

‘Big Bang Theory’ And ‘Hallmark’ Actress Has Mathematics Degree In UCLA And Honored In Journal Of Phsyics

Nov 19, 2016 AM EST “Wonder Years” actress has an advice for young girls when it comes to mathematics.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton First Woman In Royal Family With University Degree

Nov 09, 2016 AM EST The Duchess of Cambridge holds a college degree that no one really knows about.

Online Education Can Provide You With These Degrees And Certificates

Nov 06, 2016 AM EST Here are the degrees and certificates that you can earn online.

Hardcore Online Gaming Is The New Highlight In Academics: Universities To Set Goals On Interactive Media Degrees? [VIDEO]

Oct 27, 2016 PM EDT Video games are given treatment at universities in Arkansas. Computer animation-related degrees are now offered.

Accounting Majors Should Apply For Internship At These Companies

Oct 13, 2016 AM EDT Here are the companies with the best internship programs for Accounting majors.

UK University Uses 'Pokémon GO' To Teach Business IT Course

Oct 03, 2016 AM EDT Salford University will now ask its students to play "Pokemon GO."

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