Imagine Kylie Jenner Going To School And Earning A Degree

Sep 28, 2016 AM EDT Do you know what Kylie Jenner’s locker might look like if she went to school?

Love 101: Research Reveals Which College Majors Are More Likely To End Up Together

Sep 27, 2016 AM EDT Your college major can influence who you end up with.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge Is An Undergraduate Master of Arts

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT The Duchess of Cambridge is not only known for her fashion sense and charity work. She also holds a degree.

How To Know If You Should Go To Graduate School

Sep 02, 2016 AM EDT Is graduate school for you?

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Has A Degree From Princeton: Secret To His Success?

Aug 24, 2016 AM EDT Ordering from Amazon was easy because of Jeff Bezos.

Denzel Washington Movies, And Much More: Actor Honored With Doctorate Degree

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Actor Denzel Washington was honored for his work in theater and film.

Lisa Kudrow 2016: Actress Is Smarter Than FRIENDS’ Phoebe Buffay With A Biology Degree

Aug 22, 2016 AM EDT Everybody loves Phoebe Buffay but you’d love Lisa Kudrow more because of her honorary degree.

Robert De Niro Movies Earned Him An Honorary Doctorate Degree

Aug 22, 2016 AM EDT Actor Robert De Niro is so successful that his old college awarded him a doctorate.

Regis Philbin Net Worth: Host From ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Is Secretly Smart!

Aug 12, 2016 AM EDT The famous game show host has a secret from the University of Notre Dame.

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith Actress Natalie Portman Is A Harvard Graduate

Aug 11, 2016 AM EDT For an actress like Natalie Portman who starred in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III), Black Swan and Thor, a Harvard degree is worth noting.

P. Diddy Net Worth: A College Drop Out With An Honorary Doctorate

Aug 11, 2016 AM EDT P. Diddy was honored with a doctorate degree from the same school he dropped out of.

Groupon Deals Made Possible By Andrew Mason, A Business Man With A Music Degree

Aug 11, 2016 AM EDT Find out the story of success behind the man responsible for Groupon.

Growing Proportion Of English Students Think Degree Is A Waste Of Money, New Survey Reveals

Jun 10, 2016 AM EDT A growing concern among English students is that their degrees are a waste of money as revealed in a recent survey.

Mansfield to Suspend Degree Programs and Faculty in Restructuring Initiative

Oct 10, 2014 AM EDT Mansfield University will freeze several academic programs and let go 12 faculty members due to financial constraints like enrolment declines and reduced state aid. The move will take effect with the ...

EKU Becomes First State School to Offer Bachelor’s Degree in Social Justice

Sep 25, 2014 AM EDT Eastern Kentucky University will become the first school in the state to offer a bachelor's degree program in Social Justice Studies, effective fall 2015.

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