Millennial Matters: Why Having A Degree Can Sometimes Be A Setback Today


Pursuing higher education and a college diploma these days has become kind of a prerequisite to applying for a stable job. However, there are a growing number of graduates who have earned their degrees, and the debt that comes with it, but do not have work.

There is intense competition in the job market nowadays. Fresh graduates with no relevant work experiences face the most challenges since they compete with each other as well as with those who already started their careers.

Speaking to CBC News, 21-year-old Christian McCrave admitted how he thought that, after graduation, he would easily find a stable job. However, he was wrong.

He described having a degree but being unemployed as "kind of a kick in the face" and "a setback." This is because students will still have to pay their debts, which they accumulated in the quest to achieve their degrees.

McCrave graduated last year and has since applied for 250 engineering jobs. After all that, he only had four interviews and zero job offers.

The publication noted that the major challenge that McCrave and a lot of fresh graduates face is experience. It is important that graduates think about their career goals even while they are still students.

Graduates need to get more creative more than ever since a lot of hiring managers and employers are hesitant in hiring those fresh out of college. It was advised that fresh graduates should try to get various experiences as much as possible through unpaid internships or volunteer positions.

They should be more strategic about their first jobs. Apply for work that will give you a jumpstart on your career. This job should get your foot in the door of your chosen field or industry.

They should also look for mentors who are experts in your chosen field or industry. These mentors can also help you get your resume out there.

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