Why Earning Half a College Degree is Better than Nothing


The American youth have kept on flocking to colleges for the past years because of the conviction that higher education is the most certain way to finding a stable employment, better career opportunities and higher salaries.

Yet, there are those who begin but are unable to complete their degrees have been hesitant in writing off their time in college as they think they might have been better off not pursuing higher education at all.

The number of students who are not able to complete college is growing, but according to Times Higher Education, going to college will still pay off because it still improves a person's chances for a better life. Even if college dropouts worry about the stigma of leaving college early, they are still more likely to be hired for managerial positions or any professional positions than those who never got to college at all. This is according to the study by Sylke Schnepf, associate professor in social statistics at the University of Southampton.

Dr. Schnepf explained that college dropouts should forget about the stigma attached to them because they are still better off than those who never had a chance to access higher education at all, and this is because university dropouts tend to have higher cognitive skills and parental backgrounds compared to those who are upper secondary school graduates.

In addition, another report by Washington, D.C.-based think tank, The Hamilton Project states that students who do not finish college are still able to earn as much as $8000 more per year than those who only have a high school diploma, Business Insider reported. That is equivalent to $100,000 worth of income over their entire lifetime.

This means that if students are having second thoughts about university study because they are worried they might not be able to finish, they should still give it a try.

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