'Cars 3' Release Date: Pixar's Trailer Reveals New Lightning McQueen's Rival-- Jackson Storm [Video]

Jan 14, 2017 AM EST 'Cars 3’ trailer reveals movie plot, main villain.

‘Gran Turismo Sport’ News: ‘GT Sport’ Pre-orders Cancelled; Game Play And Features Detailed! {VIDEO]

Nov 01, 2016 AM EDT The gaming community agree that the "Gran Turismo" franchise has been one of the best racing simulators since its first release. However, the development "Gran Turismo Sport" and its features had ...

Self-Driving Cars Pros and Cons: Why These Cars Can Both Be Good and Bad

May 31, 2016 AM EDT Self-driving cars and innovative technology are trying to change how we will be driving in the future - both in good and bad ways.

BMW i3 2016 Gets A Performance Overhaul; Check Out Specs, Price And Review!

May 27, 2016 AM EDT Since 2014, when BMW launched its mini rear-wheel drive city car, it has never ceased to impress car fanatics and non-drivers alike. However, this impressive looking car is not sparred from flaws ...

Americans Not Too Keen On Riding Self-Driving Cars, Study

Aug 01, 2014 AM EDT Majority of Americans, Britons and Australians are still hesitant about buying and riding self-driving cars although it offers promising technology, according to a new study by the University of ...

University of Michigan to Create Simulated City to Test Future Robotic Cars

Jun 06, 2014 AM EDT University of Michigan will inaugurate a testing ground for automated vehicles on its North Campus, this fall.

Researchers Design Laser Device That Detects Alcohol in Moving Cars

Jun 04, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw just made it easier for police officials to identify culprits of drunken driving and reduce accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.

Owning Luxury Items Increases Feeling of Well-Being than Just Using Them, Study

May 17, 2014 AM EDT People who own luxury items are associated with experiencing high-levels of "feel-good" factor than those who can simply use one, according to a study by Ghent University, Belgium.

Honda’s ‘Smartphone Case N’ With Built-In Airbag Prevents Damage from Sudden Impact (VIDEO)

Dec 09, 2013 AM EST Cell phone users can now save the gasp when their device slips from their hand. Honda, the Japanese car maker, has devised a case with integrated airbags designed to prevent damage from devastating ...

Top 10 Universities with Most Student Cars on Campus

Jul 11, 2013 AM EDT American students living off-campus prefer driving their own vehicles to colleges instead of travelling by public transport. These students have difficulty searching for a parking space within the ...

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