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Volkswagen Recalls 280,000 Units for Fuel Leakage [VIDEO]


The famous car manufacturer Volkswagen Group seems to be experiencing some trouble with their fuel tanks. This problem became so grand that the German company had to announce three different recalls that would sum up to over 280,000 vehicles in the United States alone, alongside 5 Audi models and huge number of VW Golfs.

Out of the three recalls, the largest one is estimated to have recalled 143,214 of car models that includes Audi Q5 as well as Q7 crossovers: unambiguously 2009-12 and 2007-12 respectively. The gasoline engine's fuel caps on the models that are purportedly damaged have big possibilities of cracking, thus, fuel leaks are possible as well, Car Scoops reported.

Moreover, the car manufacturers' highest selling car models, such as Golf, Golf SportsWagen and GTI as well as Cabrio n models like Audi A3, which were all released in 2015-16 are included in the great recall. In these cars, the problem lies within the suction pump found inside the fuel tank that could cause leaked fuels. This second recall includes a total of 110,042 in the US alone.

The smallest recall, which includes 28,249 models from 2012-13 of Audi A6 and A7, that has a degrading horse found in the engine compartment may lead to fuel leak, USA Today reported.

In any circumstance, leakage in fuels could be a very dangerous problem since it could possibly lead to fire or explosion. This is precisely the reason why the company has been very speedy in addressing the issue. In each of these recall set-up, dealer are mandated to replace the parts that causes the problems with a better version.

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