BMW i3 2016 Gets A Performance Overhaul; Check Out Specs, Price And Review!


Since 2014, when BMW launched its mini rear-wheel drive city car, it has never ceased to impress car fanatics and non-drivers alike. However, this impressive looking car is not sparred from flaws either.

Upon comparing the BMW i3 2016 with other vehicles in the same genre, it is evident that the car is not only priced on high side but its range isn't quite impressive either - even with the two-cylinder range-extending engine. But it looks like the German luxury vehicle maker is keen on making some improvement by addressing the aforementioned issue.

In a bid to address the latter problem, BMW will introduce a 33kWh battery, replacing the current 22kWh unit, ArsTechnica reported.

Every year there's some sort development in battery technology aside from the quantity of kilowatt-hours a dollar buys. This, without questions improves considerably over the lifetime of a vehicle. That said, BMW's move to boost the battery's specs for the BMW i3 2016 is a positive indication for the industry.

The German car makers are now claiming a standard range of 195 miles for the genuine version of the i3, CarMagazine reported.

As a result of the extra mile, the i3 goes toe-to-toe with auto rivals including the upcoming Tesla model 3, the latest United States-only Chevrolet Bolt, Renault Zoe and the 30kWh Nissan Leaf .

Review - BMW i3 2016

Enhanced battery for BMW i3 2016

The battery's overall dimensions are unaltered, cell capacity has been upgraded from 60Ah to 94Ah, in addition to an overall energy to 33kWh courtesy of its cells' ability to store more. DC rapid charge functionality is now basic.

The battery boasts an impressive eight-year / 100,000-mile warranty.

BMW i3 2016's range-extender version

The range-extender model which employs a 647cc twin-cylinder petrol engine for the purpose of charging the battery, gets an identical battery upgrade.

BMW has not yet announced the new overall range for the RX model.

Can those who already got a BMW i3, retrofit the upgraded battery?

Unfortunately BMW is not permitting the process of retrofiting the new battery in to existing i3s.

Will the 94Ah BMW i3 burn a hole in buyers' pockets?

The electric-only 'BEV' (Battery Electric Vehicle) model is priced at £27,830, while the Range Extender is priced at £30,980 starting July 2016.

Consumers gets the latest £4,500 plug-in car grant in both prices.

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