Cambridge University

Cambridge University Stages Unreal Cycling Incident and Got More Efficient Results for Empathy Survey

Nov 05, 2016 AM EDT Cambridge University researchers staged a fake cycling accident- to test how empathetic city residents are.

Consent Classes Required By University Of Oxford For Incoming Freshmen

Oct 05, 2016 AM EDT University of Oxford has made consent classes mandatory for students.

Cambridge University Student Witchhunt after Exposing Oxford Univesity Secret Anti-White Hatred Group

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT Cambridge University student was threatened after he exposed a secret anti-white hatred group from Oxford University. A senior Cambridge official told him of serious consequences if he did not stop.

Cambridge University Reuses The Same Method After Thirty Years

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT Cambridge University goes back to giving entrance exam to screen out incoming students.

Cambridge University Reintroduces Entrance Exam, Sample Paper Revealed

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Check out Cambridge University's entrance exam sample here.

Cambridge University Released Statement Regarding EU Referendum Result

Jun 26, 2016 AM EDT Cambridge University Vice Chancellor released a statement regarding the EU referendum results, saying that the University and the Government will ensure that staff and students will stay in the ...

Cambridge University Student Caught In Flames; Initiation Ritual Gone Wrong?

May 02, 2016 AM EDT A student from Cambridge University found himself with burns after his sheep costume was caught in flames during a night of drinking. The accident could have been most likely caused by an initiation ...

Will Prince William Receive Royal Welcome at Cambridge University?

Jan 04, 2014 AM EST Cambridge University students expressed their discontent with Prince William's participation in a specially designed 10-week course at the University.

Cambridge Builds the World’s Second Energy-Efficient Supercomputer

Dec 14, 2013 AM EST Cambridge University has created one of the world’s greenest supercomputers.

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