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Cambridge University Student Witchhunt after Exposing Oxford Univesity Secret Anti-White Hatred Group


A Cambridge University student is now the subject of a witchhunt after exposing a secret group of an anti-white hatred secret group from Oxford. He revealed that after the incident, he has been threatened for disciplinary action by one of the senior officials of his college.

Will TG Miller had written an article about the secret Facebook group called Race Matters, which started as a page for intellectual discussions regarding issues on race, racism, and identity. However, the group has digressed from its original intention when some of its members began posting anti-white remarks.
Words, such as white saviorism and white privilege, have become regular fare in the group and began to display animosity to those they deem as "white racist." Aside from spewing anti-white posts, the group is also big on anti-Semitism regularly criticizing or making fun of the Jewish people.

Miller made the expose hoping to get the attention of concerned authorities in the university because a lot of its members were also student leaders who act as ambassadors in the university. However, these students seem to have two contradicting beliefs, one which is public in the campus and one which is private expressed in the secret group.

After writing the report about the group, there was not anyone who tried to dispute the accuracy of the article. Yet it was ironic that Miller would suddenly receive a threatening email from one of the senior officials of his school saying that the school has received numerous complaints because of the report.

"Since online responses to this article, and subsequent communications have, however, generated a serious risk of reputational damage to the College, I am requesting that you ensure that this article be immediately amended in such a way as to anonymize the personal details of any individual cited who has not given their explicit consent to be identified by you in the article. Please note that...failure to comply with my request may result in disciplinary action being taken at a subsequent stage," the email said.

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