300-Year Old Cambridge University Public Exam Result Lists Tradition On The Verge Of Abolition


The right to privacy is crucial for today's digital age since exploitation can come handy with modern devices when abused. It's not about millennial students being weaker than their predecessors. Giving considerations to vulnerable students is one reason why a referendum is being conducted to continue publicizing Exam Result Lists .

Despite having divided opinions, it will still be the majority's choice to retain the 300-year old tradition or to let go of it. The voting may be limited to the posting on university bulletin boards and not through social media like Facebook as it is in the old days, says Times Higher Education

"Save the Class List" co-founder, Nicholas Taylor  said that final votes by the academics will happen soon. "The outcome of the voting will affect all students and the generations to come. Therefore, this is a historic event. Not the binding kind but the result can determine the sentiments of the majority over the issue.

The anti-tradition campaigners argued that the public lists can damage students' welfare, triggers depression and incite bullying. 'Our Grade, Our Choice' campaign calls on students to make their choice to be excluded from the lists without based on preference only - without being required to submit a medical record that they are vulnerable to mental illness.

There is, however, a clear division happening with some students arguments the tradition motivates the students to strive harder, as they are counseled according to their progress prior to the examination results. Others say that it's their stress-relief moments and quite helpful in preventing depression. 

Speaking on behalf of "Save the Class List", Jack Drury, its spokesman discloses to Varsity, the school's organ that whatever the outcome of the voting is, both factions must respect it. The opposite side also continues their campaign win or lose, according to The Telegraph Education.

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