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James McAvoy Faked His Way To Get An Acting Career In Hollywood

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST James McAvoy pretended to be an English posh in order to make it in Hollywood.

‘Doctor Strange’ Post-credit Scenes: What Do They Mean For The Marvel Cinematic Universe? [VIDEO]

Oct 31, 2016 PM EDT As all Marvel movies go, “Doctor Strange” treated fans to two surprise post-movie scenes—one related to the “Doctor Strange” film and the other connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as ...

Doctor Strange Movie Update: Marvel Universe Sorcerer Will Also Face Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath? [VIDEO]

Oct 14, 2016 AM EDT New villains introduced in the movie "Doctor Strange." Adding to the growing list are Dormammu and Shuma-Gorath.

'Doctor Strange' 15-Minute IMAX 3D Sneak Peek Revealed On Monday, Did The Trailer Reveals Major Spoilers? [VIDEO]

Oct 12, 2016 PM EDT Benedict Cumberbatch's "Doctor Strange" 15-minute sneak revealed. What did the sneak peak reveals?

'Doctor Strange' To Alter The Face of Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Oct 04, 2016 AM EDT A lot of origin stories in the comics' world often becomes very tricky when it comes to the famous superheroes we all know of. We've witnessed the death of Batman's parents, Uncle Ben and his death's ...

'Rogue One’ Official Trailer To Be Released Alongside With 'Doctor Strange' Premiere

Oct 01, 2016 AM EDT Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's final and official trailer will be debuting anytime soon, together with the release of Marvel's Doctor strange, according to some reports.

'Sherlock' Season 4 News and Spoilers: Tom Hiddleston may be cast for Season 4 [VIDEO]

Jul 30, 2016 AM EDT A fake trailer for season 4 of 'Sherlock' had gained notoriety for starting a rumour. The rumor was of actor Tom Hiddleston being cast for the role of Sherlock's third brother, Sherridan in season 4 ...

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