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'Doctor Strange' Benedict Cumberbatch In SNL Introduces Apple Toilet; Mocking Apple’s Iconic 1984 Ad? [VIDEO]


Benedict Cumberbatch in "Saturday Night Live" introduces the Apple toilet, a parody on Apple's overstated marketing practice. Cumberbatch's toilet humor takes a jab at the iconic 1984 ad that launched Apple as one of the smartphone industry innovators.

In his first stint as host of the "Saturday Night Live," Cumberbatch performed in various sketches, even doing a short musical monologue in the beginning. The show received good ratings with viewers talking about the toilet sketch as the best parody of them all.

Last Saturday's toilet ad clearly referred to the iconic Apple ad inspired by George Orwell's "1984" novel. The toilet ad began in the same manner as the Apple campaign, Huffington Post reported.

Robot-like followers are instructed by a person in a gigantic TV, but this time on how to sit in a toilet, which is designed to make a person look stupid and foolish. Cumberbatch enters, unwraps a huge box behind him, and then says that he has just unveiled the "future."

Cumberbatch sits on the jet black toilet with his arms draped on the back counter. He looks cool and confident, totally revolutionizing the way a person sits on the toilet, thanks to the innovative "Koohl toilet" by Kohler.

The "Koohl toilet" has been dubbed as the Apple toilet because the Apple campaign also made drastic claims. The ad portrayed Mac users as visionaries while IBM users are mindless robot-like people. The campaign may be over-the-top, but the Regis McKenna concept help Apple become the company it is today, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Despite playing geniuses and serious roles, Cumberbatch was very sport in doing comedic parodies. Another fan favorite is the game show segment where two women are struggling to answer why Benedict Bumberbatch is so hot. The "Doctor Strange" actor is also baffled, saying that he never considered himself to be a heartthrob and admits that he is more like Sid the Sloth from "Ice Age."

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