‘Doctor Strange’ Post-credit Scenes: What Do They Mean For The Marvel Cinematic Universe? [VIDEO]


As all Marvel movies go, "Doctor Strange" treated fans to two surprise post-movie scenes-one related to the "Doctor Strange" film and the other connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. We've decoded what these two might mean and what Marvel fans can expect in the future based on these Easter eggs.

Doctor Strange having beer with Thor

The mid-credits scene featured the Sorcerer Supreme having a conversation with a very casual-looking Thor. The Asgardian comes to Doctor Strange to seek help in locating his missing father, Odin, who is somewhere on Earth. But before Doctor Strange agrees to help, he discusses the threats that come with Loki's presence on Earth and asks Thor to make sure that they will return to Asgard to avoid making any more problems on Earth.

According to, this scene is presumably connected to "Thor: Rangarok." Based on leaked photos from the set of the third "Thor" movie, the lead superhero spends time on Earth looking for Odin, who is presumed to have been trapped in the Midguard realm by Loki.

This scene also points out another exciting event in the MCU: Doctor Strange officially joins The Avengers. He's also confirmed to join "Avengers: Infinity War."

Karl Mordo steals Jonathan Pangborn's magic

In the "Doctor Strange" movie, viewers are introduced to a certain Jonathan Pangborn, played by Benjamin Bratt. He was a paraplegic, without any hope of full recovery. That was until he met the Ancient One, who taught him how to harness magic and use it to heal his body.

In the end-credits scene, Chiwetel Ejiofor's Karl Mordo has tapped out of serving The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) after finding out that she actually used power from the Dark Dimension, a force their group so heroically fought against. Mordo, in his confrontation with Pangborn, reveals his new mission: to eliminate sorcerers.

Doctor Strange's relationship with Karl Mordo in the comicbooks is filled with rivalry. While they trained together, it was evident that Mordo was more evil and ultimately practiced the dark arts himself, reported.

When Mordo attacked Pangborn, it's unclear whether he used Pangborn's magic for his own. If ever Mordo's goal is to add every sorcerer's magic to his, he would be very powerful the next time he comes face to face with Doctor Strange.

"Doctor Strange" is currently in theaters.

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