apple iPhone 8 specs

iPhone 8 Camera Rumors: Apple Explores Using LG’s 3D Dual-Lens Camera Hardware; AR, VR Features To Follow? [Video]

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST Earlier reports revealed the iPhone 8 camera will offer the same basic set-up as the iPhone 7 devices. ...

iPhone 8 Rumor: Premium Model will Go OLED with 5.2-Inch Display; Two will Sport Traditional Display

Nov 18, 2016 AM EST Analyst predicts that the iPhone 8 OLED model will get a 5.2-inch screen whilst the other two will still use the traditional displays.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors: Will Say Goodbye to iPhone Traditional Design; Two Size Variants, Curved-Edge, Bezel-Free Screen are Expected! [VIDEO]

Nov 13, 2016 PM EST As the 10th iPhone anniversary celebration is nearing, Apple is reportedly on the final stage of development of its anniversary phone which is presumed as iPhone 8. The new smartphone is expected to ...

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