iPhone 8 Camera Rumors: Apple Explores Using LG’s 3D Dual-Lens Camera Hardware; AR, VR Features To Follow? [Video]


The latest iPhone 8 camera rumors indicate that Apple is in talks with LG Innotek, possibly combining the latter's 3D camera hardware with the former's dual camera technology. Apple is exploring on bringing 3D photography and video into the iPhone 8 including augmented and virtual reality features.

Earlier reports revealed the iPhone 8 camera will offer the same basic set-up as the iPhone 7 devices. The 4.7 inch model will sport the single leans rear camera while the 5.5 inches Plus and the OLED iPhone 8 will feature cameras with two lenses.

However, a report from Korea fuels the newest iPhone 8 camera rumors that Apple and LG are collaborating to bring a new camera to the iPhone 8, which will revolutionize how camera works in a smartphone. Apple's very own dual lens camera technology will combine with LG's 3D camera hardware technology to create the next generation of iPhones.

BGR reports the "united forces" camera will now enable 3D photography in iPhone 8, thanks also in part to Apple's LinX acquisition. Last April 2015, Apple bought LinX for $20 million dollars in order to have rights to the Israeli's enhanced camera technology.

The start-up company is a leader in 3D depth mapping and lighting improvements, which is featured in the portrait mode of the iPHone 7. Also in the Korean report, LG Innotek is the exclusive supplier of the dual lens camera of the iPhone 7 Plus.

For the tenth year anniversary, Apple will be launching the iPhone 8 and the Cupertino giant is also exploring the integration of augmented reality functionality into its camera app. Virtual reality features are soon to follow.

This will not be the first time that Apple has experimented and invented advanced image analysis techniques. The industry leader already holds the patent on face and biometric recognition, but these are mainly software-based according to MacRumors.

There are no definite iPhone 8 camera rumors that reveal new hardware as of yet. Results of the Apple-LG collaboration will most likely be seen by next year.

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