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Apple iPhone Rumors: Apple Has Finally Found Solution to iPhone Weak Battery Issues; iPhone 8 Features Longer Battery Life


Apple is celebrating its 10th anniversary for iPhone models next year and the tech giant company is expected to debut a most interesting iPhone model where others presumed as iPhone 8. This could also be Apple's chance to address the long running issue of having weak battery devices.

iPhones are known for having great features and providing users with ease and convenience. But an obvious disadvantage of owning this Cupertino-based product is constantly battling with the device's weak battery.

Apple may have just found the solution to address the issue of weak battery. The recent talks they had with Sharp could be the stepping stone towards giving the future iPhones longer battery life where an OLED technology is likely to be involved, Apple Insider reported.

OLED display has a special ability to lower down the consumption of battery of a certain device. With its self-lit technology, the black or unused pixels will not require power as much as the illuminated pixels do. The "dark mode" in iOS 10 is said to be a preparation for the upcoming feature.

Aside from the "dark mode" feature that cuts down power consumption, all-glass covered body of iPhone 8 is also one of the expected features of the well-loved smartphone. Furthermore, a curve-edge with integrated Home Button and Touch ID sensor are also expected for the upcoming the presumed iPhone 8 according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Sharp is known to be the supplier of materials for OLED panels for the iPhone 8. But with only limited supplies of this kind of materials in the market could impose a possible bottleneck for Apple.

Sharp is reported to have invested $568 million dollars to OLED technology and Apple is deemed as one of the top customers for OLED panels. But if Sharp will not stick to its annual release schedule and postponed the release to 2018, it is impossible for iPhone 8 to sport an OLED kind of output display since the handset is slated to be released in the fall of 2017.

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