Top 5 Must Watch Anime Of 2016; Nominees For IGN People's Choice Award For Best Anime Revealed [VIDEO]


The year is about to wrap up and 2017 will be bringing in new content for all fans of anime series all over. As such, sources have taken time to list out the top 5 anime of 2016 that fans ought to watch and why it is worth taking a look at before the year ends. Moreover, these same fans can take their pick in the list of nominees that IGN has put out for its IGN People's Choice Award for Best Anime this year.

Fans of varying anime platforms will be pleased to take a look at the list of the top 5 anime shows of 2016 by Kotaku that range from dark magical girl to romantic dramas. The list kicks off with "Magical Girl Raising Project," which is produced by Lerche.

As part of the top 5 anime shows of 2016, the show's plot lets fans see Koyuki Himekawa become a beautiful magical girl, which she obsessively played as in a mobile game until the game's mascot suddenly transforms her into one.

Next on the list is of the top 5 anime shows of 2016 is "Yuri!!! on Ice" that depicts a Japanese figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, who tries to comeback from an embarrassing defeat. The show itself was said to be cringy but it does offer a different take on anime as it depicts an emotionally complex relationship between the characters.

The other three titles on the list of the top 5 anime must-watch shows of 2016 include "Flip Flappers," "Izzetta: The Last Witch," and "Kiss Him, Not Me," which spans an array of genre that anime fans can truly enjoy before the year finally ends.

In other news, fans can take some time to pick out the nominees of anime shows that have been listed by IGN for its Best Anime Series of 2016, IGN noted. The winners will be announced in January of 2017. The source points out that fans can visit their site to cast their vote in the poll on which show they think is deserving of the IGN People's Choice Award.

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