7 Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know Of

Oct 15, 2016 AM EDT Machine learning algorithms detect correct and incorrect information that is being fed into the system. As it analyzes more data, the machine becomes "smarter" and better.

Netscape Co-Founder Marc Andreesen Says Software Will Disrupt Education

Oct 09, 2016 PM EDT Netscape co-founder Marc Andreesen said that software will soon come strong and disrupt education all over the world. He said that this will be more prevalent outside the US.

Artificial Intelligence and Personal Assistant: Why Humans Should Stay Vigilant

Oct 09, 2016 AM EDT Tech giant Google has is about to launch its virtual assistant. The form of this Artificially Intelligent personal assistant is a voice-activated speaker that is able to get you a dinner reservation, ...

Apple Redesigns Siri that Could Turn Your Appliances On and Off

Sep 27, 2016 PM EDT Apple is working double-time to outrun its competitor, the Amazon Echo to provide users a speaker powered by Siri for the home. Not only that, Apple is also reported to have opened Siri to include ...

MIT Researchers Train Computers To Anticipate Human Behavior With The Help Of A Television; Find Out How [VIDEO]

Jul 13, 2016 AM EDT It's no secret, artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of doing unimaginable things, however understanding how human behave is not one of those, but a team at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial ...

'Virtual Actor': Emotional Computer That Has The Ability To Read And Express Emotions

Jul 09, 2016 AM EDT A new artificial intelligence being developed is reported to have emotional capabilities and is able to play the role of an actor.

New York University Collaborates With The White House To Host A Major Symposium On AI

Jul 06, 2016 AM EDT New York University's Information Law Institute in collaboration with the White House is slated to host an extensive public symposium on Thursday, July 7 in a bid to ...

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