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Jul 09, 2016 11:54 AM EDT

'Virtual Actor': Emotional Computer That Has The Ability To Read And Express Emotions


A new artificial intelligence being developed is reported to have emotional capabilities and is able to play the role of an actor.

Researchers from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) are now developing an artificial intelligence that has the ability to express human emotions. The AI agent is called "Virtual Actor" and it has both narrative and emotional intellect. The computer will be able to understand the context of events happening in the surroundings. The AI then formulates a plan and set targets imitating a regular person. The new agent is expected to be online within just a year and a half, reported.

The principal goal of this project was to formulate principles for the natural intelligence where the human brain is built upon. It was long known that biological solutions are always better than any artificial solution that can be offered. The creators of this agent want to model these principles on a computer, said Alexei Samsonovich, Professor of the Cybernetics Department, Mail Online reported

In the near future, people and computer will be having mutual understanding. By that time, humans will perceive AI machine as partners or assistants and not as mere tools. The computers will then understand human emotions as well as human goals and events happening in the outside world.

The plan was to create the AI agent in a simple form - as a computer game. This virtual agent will interact with a person by controlling figures in a computer screen. This will build a social interaction with human based on emotionally charged actions.

Also, the machine needs to have the ability to learn without the use of programming or the 'carrot and stick' reinforcement learning. Instead, the agent should be able to learn just like a thinking person. It should be able to set learning goals and ask questions. It should also be able to achieve the set goals and seek answers actively.

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