Apple Redesigns Siri that Could Turn Your Appliances On and Off


Apple is working double-time to outrun its competitor, the Amazon Echo to provide users a speaker powered by Siri for the home. Not only that, Apple is also reported to have opened Siri to include third-party apps in order for developers to finally access help into the VA in itself.

The report says that a rival of Echo is a project that could take a longer time, but developing and building a software like Siri could more likely to occur first. Meanwhile, some third party companies such as Yelp has gained access to Siri, they've only gone so far in making deals with the Apple company, according to The Information.

The Siri speaker has always been developed by Apple even before the launch of Echo, report says. Some rumors actually confirmed that there are features included in the system of Siri that would allow it to turn on and off some appliances supported by HomeKit platform of Apple and even go to the extent of doing some tasks that are associated by robots. Similar to Facebook's M assistant whose creators being chased by the social network, the redesigned Siri would be more convenient having less restrained core to the features of Apple like sending texts or just setting the alarms. It would be more positive to acquire more than just phones and home speakers since Apple is going to launch Siri for the Mac this year, too, Daily Tech reported.

This news has been coming out in the web since there is a demand for smart home markets as well as artificial-intelligence powered products. As of the moment, Amazon is the leading contender with its Alexa assistant and the Echo. Google as well has launched its own version of AI assistant as well as home speaker. However, the advantage of Siri is that it is multilingual, while Alexa and Google's AI is still on the confines of the English speaking US.  

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