Artificial Intelligence and Personal Assistant: Why Humans Should Stay Vigilant


Google is about to launch its new artificial intelligence and personal assistant. However, consumers should stay aware in using this kind of technology.

The form of this Artificially Intelligent personal assistant is a voice-activated speaker that enables a user to get a dinner reservation, remind them things such as a sheduled flight or playing his or her favorite music. Even if this particular device makes life easier, it also provides the company with an uncontrollable access to human patterns, as well as the preferences that may be crucial to the next stage of AI.

An AI agent, when integrated in a personal assistant, which a lot of companies are developing lately, could create an impact to humanity itself. It is one indication of what humans can do, especially in technology.

Over a few years, companies have improved voice-recognition such as Siri, Cortana and the likes, and have evolved from simply telling the weather to reserve you a seat in a theater, Engadget reported. However, products that actually invade the private part of human's life such as Echo and Google Home is on its way to capitalize on human interaction.

Demonstrations of Google Home suggest that the device is capabble to communicate, an act that requires a higher cognition and understanding with the human context. The device almost entirely rely on the voice-recognition tech that has been on the face of the earth for quite some time. However, through the years, a simple telephone based search engine has grown to a bigger Google now.

A lot of building pieces are now beginning to fall into the right positions and in the case of gadgets such as Google Home, it has now become an effective and helpful personal assistant. However, even if there's always a need for individuals to be more careful and vigilant while interacting with these kinds of devices, most technology developers are saying that this is in fact a manifestation of forwarding humanity, according to The Guardian.

But still, it is imperative for humans and individuals to always stay cautious with this kind of matter because who knows, maybe these are the very inventions that would take away all the good things in life, instead of making it a more convenient and easier one.

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