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How to Stay in the U.S. Legally After Graduation

How to Stay in the U.S. Legally After Graduation

Oct 31, 2019 PM EDT When a typical American student graduates from college, they are faced with some difficult decisions. However, international students are faced with one of the most challenging questions


For Teens, Multitasking Makes Them Feel Better -- and Worse

Oct 31, 2019 AM EDT Study finds positive emotions affect subsequent actions

Best Careers in the Future – 2025

Best Career Choices for Students to Choose From in the Future – 2025

Oct 31, 2019 AM EDT Are you deciding to change careers but don’t know where to even start looking?

video game

EA Sports and NCAA To Allow Football Video Game Revival After California Bill Passed

Oct 30, 2019 AM EDT A new California law could allow EA Sports (Electronic Arts) the revival of its 'dormant' sports video game "NCAA Football". The Fair Pay to Play Act, also known as the California Senate Bill 206, was ...


Top 25 Things Every Emergency Supply Kit Must Have for When Natural Disaster Strikes

Oct 30, 2019 AM EDT We need to prepare ourselves for an evacuation when a natural disaster strikes. An emergency supply kit is vital for survival. Here is a list of what every emergency supply kit must have in case of ...

woman in a bath tub

Who Will Get Depressed Under Major Stress? Study Shows Promise of Genetic Risk Prediction

Oct 29, 2019 AM EDT Research in first-year medical residents suggests the predictive power of a tool based on multiple gene variants linked to depression

Sleeping woman

New Study Points to Another Possible Correlation Between Sleep and Overall Good Health

Oct 29, 2019 AM EDT NSU study shows that your gut microbiome and quality sleep are interconnected

halloween costume

Quick and Quirky Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 29, 2019 AM EDT This year, you can DIY your way to a fun, memorable Halloween costume. Forget spending a mini-fortune on fake blood and fangs. Check out last-minute costume ideas below.

Teen eating pizza

How Far Schoolkids Live From Junk Food Sources Tied to Obesity

Oct 29, 2019 AM EDT For the more than 1 million children attending New York City public schools, their choice of what to eat depends on which food sources are close to where they live.

Latest Technology Online Essay Writing Service and Support

Latest Technology Online Essay Writing Service and Support

Oct 26, 2019 PM EDT Due to massive use of technology in almost every field, the use of technology has been increased which require according to the specific field requirements. Ask for immediate essay writing service and ...

How essay writing can be manageable

How Essay Writing Can Be Manageable

Oct 25, 2019 AM EDT Writing an essay can be difficult. Everyone can experience a mental block, especially if the writer doesn't know how to begin it. The technique is to know how, first of all, you need to keep your talk ...


Best Jobs for College Students Who Need Financial Support

Oct 25, 2019 AM EDT With the increasing cost of college education and the higher expenses living away from family, it is the alternative choice of many college students to work while studying.

Minimalist Fashion Tips for University Students

Minimalist Fashion Tips University Students Would Love

Oct 26, 2019 PM EDT Well, apparently being a minimalist doesn’t mean you are poor.

How to Prepare Yourself for University Exams

How to Prepare Yourself for University Exams

Oct 24, 2019 PM EDT As a university student, you will already know just what a challenge it can be to achieve and maintain good grades while also juggling the other aspects of life as a student. Some students end up ...

harvard campus

Harvard’s Student Publication, The Crimson, Receives Backlash Through Online Petition

Oct 24, 2019 AM EDT Act on a Dream student protesters made a online petition urging Harvard University's The Crimson to stop communicating with ICE again for it may cause more harm to the undocumented individuals at the ...

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