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Study Finds Changes In Mindset Key To Helping College Students Exercise More

Study Finds Changes in Mindset Key to Helping College Students Exercise More

Aug 09, 2019 AM EDT CHICAGO--August 8, 2019--Viewing physical activity as an outlet for stress can increase college students' willingness to exercise. However, in order to maintain that routine, students need social ...

Food Insecurity Common Across US Higher Education Campuses

Food Insecurity Common Across US Higher Education Campuses

Aug 09, 2019 AM EDT CHICAGO -- Many university and college students across the U.S. report lacking access to a reliable supply of nutritious food, a concept known as food insecurity, which can affect their ability to ...

Christopher Slaten Research Lab (IMAGE)

Students With a Greater Sense of School Belonging are Less Likely to Become Bullies

Aug 06, 2019 AM EDT COLUMBIA, Mo. - Research has shown that, despite great efforts, one in three children continue to experience bullying in school. However, research also has indicated that environmental and ...

Black Male Teacher in the Classroom (IMAGE)

Black Male Educators Sound Alarm Regarding Lack of Diversity in P-12 Classrooms

Aug 06, 2019 AM EDT A diverse and inclusive education workforce can play a critical role in ensuring that students receive a robust, quality educational experience. While students of color comprise more than half of P-12 ...

Blowfish Effect: Children Learn in More Sophisticated Ways Than Previously Thought (IMAGE)

The 'Blowfish Effect': Children Learn New Words Like Adults Do, Say Princeton Researchers

Aug 05, 2019 AM EDT Even young children know what typical dogs and fish look like -- and they apply that knowledge when they hear new words, reports a team from the Princeton Baby Lab, where researchers study how babies ...

Before/After Body Maps (IMAGE)

Stressed at School? Art Therapy Reduces Teenage Girls' Headaches

Aug 05, 2019 AM EDT Teenagers report higher levels of stress than adults and cite the school as the highest contributing factor, according to the American Psychological Association's annual report. A summary from 2013 ...

How to Prepare for College Life to Manage Stress and Avoid Mistakes

How to Prepare for College to Avoid Stress and Mistakes

Aug 01, 2019 AM EDT If you don’t know how to prepare for college life, read this article. It provides some useful insights into the most important strategies every student should undertake. They are universal and will ...

Strategies To Ignite Intrinsic Motivation In Students

Strategies To Ignite Intrinsic Motivation In Students

Jul 29, 2019 PM EDT It's been a long time since learning specialists, and business mentors have accepted gamification - to improve understudy/worker commitment, try different things with new motivation methods and open ...

hit and miss

What Happens If You're in a Miss and Run Accident?

Jul 26, 2019 AM EDT Miss and run accidents are on the rise, and they involve phantom drivers that cause an accident, but are not directly involved in the accident. The circumstances are very similar to a hit and run, but ...

Dorm Decoration

How To Prepare Your Dorm Room For Better Sleep

Jul 13, 2019 AM EDT An elongated sleep can help relieve tension, but disturbance can also come from restlessness throughout that sleep period. Keeping your scores high will not be easy, but a complete and restful night ...

Lack of Sleep with College Student

Insufficient Sleep Linked to Mental Health in College Students and Athletes

Jun 07, 2019 PM EDT SAN ANTONIO - Preliminary results from a new study suggest that there is a dose-response relationship between insufficient sleep and mental health symptoms in collegiate students, including varsity ...

Student Life

A Student's Disability Status Depends on Where they Go to School, PSU Study Finds

Jun 05, 2019 PM EDT A new Portland State University study suggests that the likelihood of a child being classified with an educational disability depends on the characteristics of their school and how distinctive they ...

Erik Imel (IMAGE)

Clinical Trial at IU School of Medicine Improves Treatment of Genetic Rickets

May 18, 2019 AM EDT A new study shows a drug developed in conjunction with investigators at Indiana University School of Medicine to alleviate symptoms of a rare musculoskeletal condition is significantly more effective ...

University of Helsinki

Researchers Discover the Achilles' Heel of an Aggressive Brain Cancer

May 10, 2019 AM EDT Glioblastoma is the most prevalent and also the most lethal type of brain tumor in adults, with no curative treatment currently available.

College Students Drinking Habits

What Redicts College Students' Drinking Habits? How Much they Think Others are Drinking

Apr 30, 2019 PM EDT Students' perception of how much their peers are drinking is one of the most important predictors of whether their alcohol use will increase in college -- even more so than the actual drinking habits ...

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