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Best Unisex Perfumes for College Students

Best Perfumes for Either Male or Female College Students

Nov 23, 2019 AM EST When you buy perfume in college, it is better to choose your personal scent because it can double the attraction to other people. How about, if you are a man or a woman who wants to go neutral, you ...


Experts Say Dust From Feather Beddings and Other Allergens May Cause Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Nov 22, 2019 AM EST It may be tempting to curl up under a thick feather duvet as winter approaches, but experts have warned that it may result in more than just warm toes. Doctors reported a case of unexplainable ...

Are There Any Tips That Can Help Me Write Faster?

Are There Any Tips That Can Help Me Write Faster?

Nov 21, 2019 PM EST It's coming up on the end of the semester, and I have several papers I have to finish before the break. I have them all outlined, and I've started working on my introductions, but I'm finding that ...

eating breakfast

Skipping Breakfast Linked to Lower GCSE Grades

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Students who rarely ate breakfast on school days achieved lower GCSE grades than those who ate breakfast frequently, according to a new study in Yorkshire.

woman infront of computer

Want More Women & Minorities in STEM? Address Social Oppression in the Classroom, Says New Research

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Community college program that integrates students' experiences of social oppression into the class proved effective at strengthening entrepreneurial and STEM skills of the underrepresented students

3 Ways College Graduates Can Start Preparing for the Future

3 Ways College Graduates Can Start Preparing for the Future

Nov 21, 2019 PM EST While college teaches theoretical knowledge, it falls short on real-life education. These three tips are vital to the process of finding one's place in the adult world. There is no clear definition of ...


Smart Gadgets on Amazon That are Compatible With Your Smartphones

Nov 21, 2019 AM EST Since we all love something compatible with our smartphones, we've gathered a couple of smart devices that can be coordinated with it to make you more efficient.

Child in front of computer

Study: Young Children Can Learn Math Skills From Intelligent Virtual Characters

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST U.S. children lag behind their international peers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills, which has led to calls for an integrated math curriculum for 3- to 6-year-olds


Helicopter Parents and 'Hothouse Children' -- Exploring the High Stakes of Family Dynamics

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST True helicopter parents talk a good game in making their actions all about their children, but according to one West Virginia University researcher, what they're doing is reaping--and heaping--the ...

Dynamic Measurement Model Improves the Predictive Power of Standardized Test Scores

New Statistical Model Improves the Predictive Power of Standardized Test Scores

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST Validated dynamic measurement model captures student learning potential three times better than existing assessment methods


Research Finds Out How Noise or Total Silence Affects Working and Studying

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST While your personality and your brain's circuitry may have an effect, it mostly seems to affect the degree to which noise disturbs you. Most studies have found that everyone is better at completing ...

prime student

Amazon Prime Student Membership Program for University Students in the US and the UK is Now Available

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST Amazon Prime Student is a limited membership in Amazon Prime for participating college students in the United States and United Kingdom only. The best part is that you will get these Prime benefits at ...

hongkong protest

American Universities Help Students Flee Hong Kong for Safety or Fly Home Amidst Protests

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST In the wake of continuing violent protests, foreign universities are seeking to remove their students from Hong Kong. Georgetown University said the school provided resources to help students secure ...

reading alone

University Courses that are Suitable for Introverts

Nov 20, 2019 AM EST Usually introverts prefer spending time alone with others, while extroverts enjoy plenty of contact with other people. Make sure that your option of degree course is connected to your preferences and ...

men playing sports

Study Identifies Barriers High Schools Face When Implementing, Enforcing Concussion Laws

Nov 19, 2019 AM EST Findings could help school administrators pinpoint the barriers their school faces, leading to more effective implementation and enforcement strategies

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