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college graduates

Will College Job Market Continue Its Decade-long Growth?

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST Despite fears about a recession, the job market is strong for college graduates - for the 10th consecutive year


Are students Getting Enough Air?

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST Many California classrooms don't have sufficient ventilation

personality check

Personality Tests - The Two Sides of the Coin Explained

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST Knowing your Myers-Briggs, the Big 5, DISC or similar personality test assessments may seem dumb, but taking such tests has surprising advantages.

5 best personal safe for your dorm

5 Best Personal Safe Perfect for Your Campus Dorm

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST Are you a student looking for a way to keep your personal belongings safe while staying in a dormitory? Well, having a personal safe could be the best option you have.


Top Tea Brands Found To Contain Microplastics, Poses Serious Threat

Nov 07, 2019 AM EST Researchers from McGill University in Montreal found that high levels of microplastics were shed into bodies of water by some plastic tea bags. More research are made to look into the health effects ...

6 Important Things To Remember When Moving To Australia To Study Abroad

6 Important Things To Remember When Moving To Australia To Study Abroad

Nov 06, 2019 AM EST Australia is one of the best places for those who are looking for Universities and the prospect of studying abroad.


Should You Trust Your Intuition In Answering Exams Or Making Decisions?

Nov 06, 2019 PM EST Whether we're answering an exam in school or trying to pick the perfect candidate during a job interview, we make lots of decisions where we always feel good about the answer. Will we challenge or go ...


The Planning Fallacy Causes People To Miss Deadlines In School and At Work

Nov 06, 2019 PM EST Psychologists tend to blame a cognitive quirk called "The Planning Fallacy" as the cause for us to underestimate repeatedly how long it will take us to complete a project. The consequence is that the ...

Tips to Keep Up Your GPA In College

Tips to Keep Up Your GPA In College

Nov 05, 2019 PM EST When you're in high school you may put an enormous amount of time working toward getting into college. Your academics may be a top priority, as well as your test scores and extracurriculars. Once you ...

Hyper-palatable foods

Study Offers Data-driven Definition of Unhealthy Yet Pervasive 'Hyper-palatable' Foods

Nov 05, 2019 AM EST A popular U.S. brand of potato chips once promoted itself with the slogan, "betcha can't eat just one!"

How to Save More Money: An effective Guide for College Student

How to Save More Money: An Effective Guide for College Students

Nov 05, 2019 AM EST As a college student, it is so hard to save more money because there are many things you need to settle using every last cent in your wallet.

2024 paralympics

14-Year Old Amputee Competing in 2024 Paralympics Fights Bullies

Nov 04, 2019 AM EST A 14-year-old boy from Fairfield, Ohio has made headlines last week as he announces participation at the Taekwondo event in the 2024 Paralympics. This has made him popular in school and apparently, it ...

How to Study English and Succeed in Any Class

How to Study English and Succeed in Any Class

Nov 02, 2019 PM EDT When it comes to taking English courses, there are things to know if you want to succeed. Click here to learn how to study English.

Gilr studying

Study Addresses One of the Most Challenging Problems in Educational Policy and Practice

Nov 01, 2019 AM EDT Language proficiency has an important influence on learners' ability to answer scientific questions a new joint study by Lancaster and Sheffield Universities has found.

11-year-old Girl with Cerebral Palsy Bags Gold during Halloween Party

Best Halloween Costume Awarded to 11-year old with Cerebral Palsy at Covedale School

Nov 01, 2019 AM EDT Fifth-grader Kaylee Bull, an 11-year-old with cerebral palsy, leads the pack of students for the Covedale School Halloween party.

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