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prescription drugs

Regular Use of Prescription Drugs for Pain and Sleep Increases Frailty Risk by 95 Percent

Nov 14, 2019 AM EST ORI, FAU study first to show statistically significant links between regular use of pain and/or sleep prescriptions and frailty risk in older adults.


Teaching Group Work to Students With Autism

Nov 14, 2019 AM EST Structured protocol for group work could increase social interaction for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

diabetes test

Women Most Affected by Vascular Complications of Diabetes

Nov 14, 2019 AM EST Diabetes set to skyrocket: 629 million patients globally by 2040

man in plaid shirt

Chronic Adversity Dampens Dopamine Production

Nov 13, 2019 AM EST Exposure to chronic adversity in childhood and adulthood can lead to a dampened physiological response to acute stress and exaggerated threat perception.


Homelessness in the State of California Continues to Soar - Highest in the Country

Nov 13, 2019 AM EST Homelessness in California has continued to rise, as the state spends millions to support the thousands of people on the streets without help. In several areas of the Bay Area, the homeless crisis is ...

data work

Most Popular American Universities That Offer Master's Degree in Data Science and Business Analytics

Nov 13, 2019 AM EST Almost all industries have data associated with them, small to large-scale transactions, economic to weather patterns. So we have compiled a list of schools and universities that offer a master's ...

woman using heroin

Fingerprint Test Can Distinguish Between Those Who Have Taken or Handled Heroin

Nov 12, 2019 AM EST Fingerprint tests can distinguish between those who have taken or handled heroin -- even after hand-washing.


Late Talkers Twice as Likely to Have Severe, Frequent Temper Tantrums

Nov 12, 2019 AM EST Important to intervene early in toddlers' development to mitigate later mental health, language disorder risk.


Australian Women Turning to Cannabis to Treat Endometriosis Symptoms

Nov 12, 2019 AM EST A new study published today in the Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology Canada has found one in eight Australian women with endometriosis use cannabis to alleviate pain and other symptoms, rating the ...

vape liquid

'Vaping': The BfR advises Against Self-mixing e-Liquids

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST E-cigarette consumers should avoid products of uncertain origin

Precious cargo

Scientists Develop Sensor to Save children, Pets Left in Vehicles

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST A small, inexpensive sensor could save lives by triggering an alarm when children or pets are left alone in vehicles.

branded medicine

Brand Drug Discount Cards Increase Private Insurer Costs by 46%

Nov 11, 2019 AM EST Discount cards for brand-name drugs provided to patients increased private insurer costs by 46% and varied in their impact on out-of-pocket payments by patients.

Example of fatty liver

What And How Much We Eat Might Change Our Internal Clocks and Hormone Responses

Nov 09, 2019 AM EST The research conducted in mice found that the time-of-day dependent metabolic cycle is altered by a high caloric diet.

Vaping X-ray

Best Practice Treatment Guidelines Help Doctors Identify, Treat Vaping-associated Lung Injuries

Nov 09, 2019 AM EST As the outbreak of lung injuries and deaths associated with e-cigarettes, or vaping, continues to spread across the U.S., researchers at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City have effectively ...


Study Finds Brains of Girls and Boys are Similar, Producing Equal Math Ability

Nov 08, 2019 AM EST New research at Carnegie Mellon University indicates that there is no gender disparity in how children learn and perform math skills

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